Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix Tropical Plant Soil Substrate Review

  • All-Natural Properties
  • Ease Of Use
  • Moisture Retention & Drainage
  • Texture and Consistency
4.7/5Overall Score
  • Volume: 4 quarts / 1 gallon
  • Ingredients: A precise blend of charcoal, milled sphagnum moss, fir bark, tree fern, and peat​
  • Purpose: Ideal for growing tropical plants both in homes and in bioactive vivariums
  • Longevity: Specifically designed to slowly break down, making it ideal for long-term use in terrariums/vivariums
  • Bio-balanced: Each ingredient in the mix supports a balanced ecosystem
  • Recommended Animals: Suitable for dart frogs, most tree frogs, bumblebee toads, mantellas, and many other reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates
  • Recommended Plants: Great for most tropical plants; can also be used outside the vivarium to grow houseplants
  • Care: Meant to house a bioactive clean-up crew when used with False Bottom, Substrate Barrier, Sphagnum Moss, and Leaf Litter
  • Provides a perfect balance of moisture retention and drainage, making it ideal for tropical plants, frogs, and reptiles.
  • Enriched with beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi to promote healthy root growth.
  • All-natural ingredients are safe to use in any terrarium or vivarium.
  • Easy to maintain and simple to install, saving time and effort.
  • The substrate is not suitable for use with all plants, so it is important to research the needs of the plants before using this product.
  • The substrate may last for a few months, depending on how frequently it is used, so it may need to be replaced more frequently than other substrates.

Hey there! Are you in the market for a new substrate for your terrarium or vivarium? Then join me as I review Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix Tropical Plant Soil & Terrarium Vivarium Substrate. With over 10 years of experience as a terrarium enthusiast, I’m qualified to give you an honest and comprehensive review of this product.

In this article, we will discuss the features of the substrate, how to use it, and the pros and cons. Plus, we will show you why this substrate is a great choice for your terrarium setup. So, let’s dive in and learn more about Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix Substrate!

Quick Verdict

Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix Tropical Plant Soil & Terrarium Vivarium Substrate is perfect for creating a naturalistic terrarium environment for many types of amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates. The mix is composed of high-quality ingredients and is great for retaining moisture and increasing drainage. It also helps maintain the correct pH levels, which is especially important for maintaining healthy reptile and amphibian habitats. The price is also relatively low compared to some other substrates, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a great substrate.

There is a slight issue with the odor of the substrate, but it dissipates over time. All in all, this is an excellent choice for creating a naturalistic terrarium or vivarium. So go ahead and give it a try!

More about the product

Plants Thrive

Our Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix Tropical Plant Soil & Terrarium Vivarium Substrate is the perfect substrate to help your plants thrive. It’s made up of a combination of peat moss, black sphagnum moss, coconut husks, orchid bark, and other naturally occurring ingredients that provide the perfect balance of moisture and air to the root system of your plants. This allows them to access the nutrients they need to thrive.

Joke – This substrate is like a miracle worker for your plants. Just like your plants it’ll have them jumping for joy!

Science – The substrate is made of a blend of natural ingredients that help to make sure the plants get the air they need to breathe and the water they need to grow. With the perfect balance of moisture and air the plants are able to access the nutrients they need to thrive.

Pro Tip – Make sure to not over water your plants when using this substrate. Too much water can drown the roots and prevent them from getting the air and nutrients they need to thrive.


Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix Tropical Plant Soil & Terrarium Vivarium Substrate is a great choice for your reptile and amphibian terrariums. It has a feature called Bio-Balanced which ensures that the mix maintains the necessary balance of beneficial microbes, minerals, and nutrients for your terrarium. This helps your pets habitat remain healthy and your pet stay happy.

Think of it like this – you wouldn’t feed your pet a salad that didn’t have the right amount of ingredients in it, right? Well, this mix is the same – its got the right amount of nutrients to keep your terrarium balanced and your pet happy.

The science behind it is that the mix contains a combination of peat moss, coconut coir, softwood bark, limestone, and other ingredients. All these combine to create a mix that is bio-balanced and helps maintain the health of your terrarium.

Pro Tip: Make sure to keep the substrate moist when setting up your terrarium. This will help the beneficial microbes grow and help maintain a healthy environment for your pet.

Excellent for Culturing Insects

Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix Tropical Plant Soil & Terrarium Vivarium Substrate is a great product with some awesome features. One of the best features is that it’s excellent for culturing insects. This is super important if you’re trying to create a successful insect colony. Here’s a funny joke: What did one insect say to another as they were about to hatch? “Let’s hope this culturing thing works!”

But seriously, this product is great for culturing insects because it’s made with a blend of coconut coir, sphagnum moss, and charcoal. The coconut coir is an organic soil conditioner, while the sphagnum moss is great for retaining moisture. The charcoal helps keep the substrate clean and free of any unwanted bacteria.

Pro Tip: If you’re culturing insects, keep the substrate moist but not too wet. This will help keep your insects healthy and happy!

May Be Laid Down or Mixed Upon Arrival

Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix Tropical Plant Soil & Terrarium Vivarium Substrate has a great feature that makes it an awesome choice for anyone setting up a terrarium – it can be laid down or mixed upon arrival. Say goodbye to the hassle of mixing your own substrate! This product is already ready for you to use, so you can get your terrarium set up quickly and easily.

It’s important to have the right substrate in your terrarium, and this product delivers. This substrate is composed of coconut coir, charcoal, sphagnum moss, and a special blend of fertilizers and minerals. It’s a perfect combination that helps promote healthy plant growth. It also helps maintain proper moisture levels in the terrarium, making sure your plants stay hydrated.

On top of that, it’s got a great texture and drainage, so it doesn’t get soggy and the terrarium remains well oxygenated. Plus, it’s lightweight, so it doesn’t put too much strain on your terrarium’s structure.

Pro Tip: Be sure to lay the substrate down as evenly as possible so that you get good coverage. And don’t forget to do regular maintenance on your terrarium – it’ll help keep your plants looking healthy!


Overall, I was really pleased with Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix as a substrate for my terrarium. It looks great and provides the perfect tropical environment for my plants to thrive in. The natural ingredients provide a quality base soil that holds moisture well while helping to keep odor levels low. Highly recommend this product!

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